Adieu 2011~ It’s 2012!


Korean New Year: Seollal (설날)

Seollal is a Korean National Holiday. In lunar calender, Seollal is on January 1st; however, Koreans have their Seollal on January 23rd this year 2012. Similar to the Chinese New Year, it is a holiday to appreciate and welcome another fresh new year. There are several traditional events and acts that koreans do during this holiday.

1. New Year’s bow: Sebe (세배)

New Year’s bow is giving bows to the elders to show respect and express thanks. When giving the bow, one should say “Allow me to present you my bow (세배 드리겠습니다)” to be polite. In return, the elders gives words of blessing and money, which symbolize a thriving life for the children.

2. Ancestral rites: Charae/ Jaesa (차례/제사)

Ancestral rites is a way to show respect to their ancestors. To show respect, a table prepared with  tteokguk (a rice cake soup 떡국), fruits, sikhye (sweet rice drink 식혜), dried fish, and rice cake is served. It is believed that eating the food after the rites is for the descendants to receive the virtue from their ancestors.    

3. New Year’s dress: Sulbim (설빔)

People wear new dress, new socks, new shoes to greet the new year fresh both physically and mentally. For children, they wear jacket-like top with sleeves of multicolored stripes. For adults, they wear the traditional korean dress, Hanbok (한복).



The Competition is on FIRE!


Want to watch exciting and energizing and hand sweating competition that features ordinary people like you become a SUPER star? Here are some of Korean programs that will bring tears and cheers!

Superstar K: 슈퍼스타 K

It’s an intense competition show that focuses on the voices of ordinary people who transmits their soul and emotions to the judges as well as the audiences. It recently came back with a stronger yet exciting third season and it announced that the challenge has increased due to Superstar K’s worldwide auditions. However, because of its large number of contestants, Superstar K3 is now able to show fuller and fresher talent to the world.

I am a Singer: 나는 가수다

It’s a Survival Program that solely judges the selected 7 famous singers by their talented voice of powerful feelings. 500 audiences listen to each singer’s performances and score them afterwards. The singer with the lowest votes loses and a different singer replaces the gap. The show is not just about winning but it is also about allowing the singers to express their passion towards music that will bring tears to your eyes and touch your heart with their melancholy voices.

Korea Got Talent: 코리아 갓 탤런트 

It’s a Korean version of the well known Britain Got Talent. It is a program that allows ordinary people of all ages to show their different yet interesting (almost exotic) talent to the world. The talent ranges from magic to comedy that entertains the audiences as well as allows the judges to find a golden diamond beneath the not yet cleaned dirt. 




Learn about Korean Culture & History


Want to learn about Korean history?

Want to see the traditional clothes, manners, and ways of life?

There is a fun way to do it!

Watch these dramas

1. 대장금 Daejanggeum

A television series about a royal cook “A Jewel in the Palace- Daejanggeum”

Korean Traditional Hanbok 한복

Korean Traditional Tile-Roofed House 기와집

Korean Traditional Royal Court Meal 궁중음식

2. 허준 Heo Jun

A television series about a founder of Korea’s traditional medicine “Heo Jun”

Heo Jun (1546~1615) 허준

Korean Traditional Hospital with Doctor and Nurse 약방

Heo Jun from Drama 허준

3. 주몽 Joo Mong

A television series about a king of Goguryeo kingdom (고구려)  “Joo Mong”

Your King Joo Mong 주몽 Korean Traditional Hanbok

Korean Traditional War 전쟁

Korean Traditional Ancient Tomb Mural about Joo Mong 벽화

The powers of groups


1. T-ara They are composed of 6 members formed by Mnet Media in 2009 and their name has the meaning of form of a crown. Their debut started with the Cinderella’s OST “Good person ver.1”. They are pure, chic, strong, lovely, sexy stars of the stage.

 This song is called “I go crazy because of you” from the repackage album ‘Breaking Heart’. This title song is a pop dance song that contains a strong electronic impression that is toxic to the mind of the song lovers.

2. Girl’s generation

They are composed 9 members under SM entertainment and their fist debut single album was called “the world that we meet again”. They are thriving in the world of entertainment now. 

This song is called “Oh!” from their 2nd album Oh! It is a big hit once again made by this girl group who are known as the nation’s girl group. They are not only taking over the entertainment view but also the advertisement along with the song & singer’s awards in the music world.

3. U-kiss

They are composed of 7 members under NH Media and the name U-kiss is shortened for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. They debuted in 2008 with a single album “Not Young”.

This song is called “around and around” from their 1st album. It shows a stronger and hotter performance of U-kiss through its obsessive melody with the touch of electronic hip hop sounds.

4. Kara

They are composed of 5 members and their first debut album was “blooming”. They really bloomed on their first screen at their debut and they are also thriving in the girl’s group world. 

This song is called “Lupin” from Kara’s mini 3rd album. It is a dance song that has both the dramatic yet fantastical hip hop beat along with Brass & Synth sound that brings a powerful sound to the song. Exciting, different talents of group

Kara & Girl’s generation

After school

Korean comics



About a guy who has made a great accompolishment: Drinking the milk before its expiration date.

About a man who decides to sacrifice himself for his good friend but only to realize that they could both live happily after the accident happens.

About a guy who dreams dreams dreams again and bringing irony to the story of his true life.

March 1st- The day to be remembered


Today is the day for the Koreans to give respect and celebrate the independence of Korea.

March 1st, 1919, the Korean race went against the Japanese colonial rule. Today is the day to commemorate the day when we Koreans announced of our independence and declare to the whole world of independent Korea. Korea was finally liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1945.

One girl named Yoo Kwan Soon, who was only 17 years old at that time, joined the demonstration against the government act. She became the leader of this act when she was 18. She remains a prominent figure for all the Koreans for her courage and belief in her own country’s independence.  

Yoo Kwan Soon

The Korean flag



Vancouver Olympic Highlights


 Bring great enthusiasm to the game! Show the world what we Koreans can do! Let’s cheer the representative of Korea with all our hearts and minds!

In the times of difficulty and need, let’s look at our players doing their best and taking their chances and get the power needed for you! The most important lesson to be learned is that it is the sweat and tears that our Korean players dripped to reach their dream that brings energy and more valuable than the Gold medal in hand. One speed skating player said “Even with a silver medal on our neck, we are proud of it”

From: ParkNamSoo